Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Short Story #8 - The New Bhayanak Maut Album - Feb 22

This is Sunneith's next short story.

It's called SCRATCH: 



Ex #14: To observe the psycho-physiological effects of Tinea on human subject under manipulable conditions.


Day 1

Subject has been procured and subdued. The culture is Ready and thriving. It looks like I haven't reached stage-peak yet. Just the right amount of time needed to execute experiment #14.


Day 5

Subject tries to repeatedly break loose. The chain shackles hold the subject's limbs and waist to the floor. Ihave 92134- I have, however given the subject free rein to scrape the pruritus. I have allowed subject's right hand to just about touch the surface of infected area 1- e - to cause it to spread. It was difficult executing stage 1 of culture transfer to area 1. Subject attempted to attack culture base with teeth. Subject's canines have managed to form a small cut on my scrotum.


Day 6

Success. I notice that not only does the TiNea thrive on subject's face, it grows. Subject shows signs of 52gfsdfgv inflammation on the neck and ears as well.


Day 8



Day 12

The conditions of the experiment chamber are ideal for thriving growth of the tinea. Subject feels extreme discomfort from the rash and itching. I have begun jabbing the subject with a wooden stick to note any signs of submission and aggression. Although subject initially recoiled and evaded the stick, he now readily welcomes the jabs as they scrape away at the subject’s infected skin, giving him minor reprieve from the itching.


 Day 14


The subject has now started to give out a typical odour. Over and above the faeces, the tinea stench around the subject is thick. He tries to gnaw away at what ever infected skin he can reach, however, the tinea has beautifully spread to the subject’s lips as well.


 Day 16


Subject refuses to consume nutrition in an attempt to abort. I have managed to install an intravenous nourishment line. The subject’s faeces helps form a moist environment to promote further growth of the tinea. It has been observed that subject has let his baser instincts take over. To act on the infection that has now reached the subject’s anus, subject tries to grind his buttocks on the floor, much like a canine that carries tapeworm in the bowels.


Although I have repeatedly tried to keep the culture base Warm and moist, it appears that the skin on my genitals has somehow become accustomed to the fungus, 11azN and has hardened. The tinea has, however, spread out to my thighs.


Day 18


Subject's struggles reverberate across the experiment chamber. The insulation keeps the sOund in. Subject has managed to scrape out skin from infected area 4. To discourage further hampering, nails of subject have been unhinged. Tomorrow is a very important day. One last area to cultivate the culture with. Then we proceed to liberation. 30fffST.


Day 19

Success! Stage cultivation is now complete. Today was most difficult. It was quite a task, but subject's genitals have been finally infected by the tinea. Although not as dense as mine, the tinea fungus growth on subject’s scrotum looks promising. Subject's body has been completely cultivated with the tinea. Subject's repeated attempts to scratch are unsuccessful due to tied Restraints and lack of finger nails. Now we proceed to stage liberation.



Day 20

Part one of stage liberation commenced today. The red ants spread like water as I poured the container over the subject. As the subject writhed in mixed throes of pain and ecstasy from itching, I became one with the subject as I pleasured myself. As I timed my strokes with the subject’s moans, my penis gave out scabs of powdered dead tinea-infected skin and scales. As I climaxed to a finish, the victim continued to thrash about. The red ants were removed, and the subject fell unconscious. It was then time to test the reflexes of the penis of an unconscious tinea-infected body to oral stimulation.


Day 21

The only known successful method to eradicate Dermatophytid; Tinea, commonly known as Ringworm, is to make direct contact with, or to apply rubbing alcohol. The subject’s facial area, limbs, stoMach, posterior, and genitals were successful infected with said ringworm. Subject was suspended over a large barrel filled with rubbing alcohol. And in ironic compliance with subject's pleas for liberation, subject was dropped into said barrel, successfully terminating all ringworm growth, and subsequently, the subject.


Day 30



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Short Story #7 - The New Bhayanak Maut Album - Feb 02

Sunneith wrote the 7th Short Story last night.

It's called 'Gag'


She nibbles on the insides of his thighs and he places his hands on her shoulders. Slowly she brings in tongue and slides it up the fold between his scrotum and thigh. His penis is quivering and throbs with his heart. He can hear both in his ears. “I am going to fuck her so hard, she’ll forget which side is up.”, he thinks.

She is done playing. Their eyes meet. His red. Hers wide. She bats her eye lashes and in the moment that she does, launches onto his penis – mouth first.

Her mouth is wet and warm. The insides of her cheeks touch the sides of his cock. Her tongue is running slobbery circles around the head of his cock and every time it reaches the underside, he jerks. She puts both her hands around his thigh. Her body is crouched, and wrapped around his right leg. She is dripping wet. He can feel her on his shin. She envelopes his hard cock with her mouth and pushes, taking him in – inch by dry inch, slowly getting wet. Their eyes never leave each other. He has to rest his hands on the wall before him to keep from falling. His legs begin to shake.

Her lips kiss the flat base of his crotch. The head of his penis kisses the back of her throat. He is completely inside her. She gags, he can hear it. He can feel its vibration around his cock. It makes him feel - in control. It brings out in him - something primal. Something new. And in that moment that she gags, he grabs her by the hair at the back of her head - he thrusts forward. In that moment that she gags, he wants to choke her. He wants to hear her writhe. He wants her to twist and shudder. He wants to make her hack and moan till she can breathe no more. In that moment, he wants her dead. Every word is a safe word when you’re gagging. His penis jerks twice and he is seconds away from exploding in her mouth. He wants to see the white in her eyes as she dies, and then he will come into her throat.

He feels her nails claw into his lower back.

She bites down.

“Almost cricked my neck ripping this one out.” she thinks.

She spits.


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Haiku - From spectator to participant - November 23, 2011

Your eyes have no glow.

Your hands struggle to create.

You're a spectator.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Short Stories - The New Bhayanak Maut Album - October 20, 2011

Here's the next short story.

It's called X-O-X-O

You’re standing by the guest bedroom’s window, looking at the new security sensors that you’ve just attached to the window frames. “Done”, you say. It comes out almost like a whisper, this self-congratulatory message. You touch the glass pane, now covered with a thin glaze of morning frost and allow your gaze to travel through it and onto the gravel driveway that’s gently revealing itself thanks to the first rays of dawn. You wait for a few minutes more to watch the murky green of the night turn into a warm red. In a few hours, your guest will arrive and you need to ensure that the weekend tasting session that she’s paid for is exactly the way she’s asked for it to be.


You wipe the window frame, window ledge and glass panes carefully, pick up your tool box and walk towards the large king-seize bed that’s placed in the center of the room. You stand at the edge and pull the bed sheet off to reveal a young girl, lying prostate and absolutely naked. You feel your lips quiver ever so slightly as you gently move your fingertips across her thighs and up her belly towards her breasts. You place your large hands over them and squeeze gently. They feel harder today, more taught..


You shift your gaze to the bed-side table and reach for the injection that’s patiently been waiting to be used. It contains 150ml of human breast milk. You inject 50 ml of the milk into the girl’s left breast and bend down to take her blue nipples in your mouth. You suck on them, gently, until you feel the cold milk fill the dry cavity beneath your tongue. You roll the liquid around in your mouth and then swallow. She’s been dead for a week. Today, she tastes perfect.


You carefully inject the rest of the milk equally into each breast. Then, you wipe away your saliva from the nipple and replace the bed sheet over the body. You pick up your tool box, place the injection inside it and walk towards the bedroom door. After you open the door, you stand at the threshold and say, “You’re ready now, my dear. And, just in time. I’ll come to clean up tomorrow morning.”


You head back to your study and sit at your workstation. You open the package that you received yesterday afternoon and take a look at the contents. It’s one of the high school yearbooks that you had sent to a prospective client 4 weeks ago. The post-it note that you’d placed on the cover page is still there. You read the message that you had written on it, clear in bold, capital letters: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO TASTE? MARK IT WITH ‘X’.

You open the yearbook and slowly go through each page, looking for the ‘X’. You finally come across it on the page that has a picture of the high school cheerleading squad.  You stare at it for a few seconds and then close your eyes and think about how you’re going to make this tasting session happen.

It’s the first time you’ve seen an ‘X’ that covers the entire page.