Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taking a breather - May 25, 2011

You've been sitting on the couch for about 20 minutes.

Your sweat has formed a thick, wet layer between the rexin and your skin.

You don't care.

It's dark. You like it that way.


The light switch is placed right behind the couch.

Before you had switched off the light, you had looked around the room. Very slowly.

It felt like you were saying goodbye to all the things that you own.

As soon as it was dark, you seated yourself and felt very happy.

At first, like always, you were filled with excitement.

This is probably the only time when you felt comfortable about the dark.


After a few seconds, the shapes start to form.

Recognizable shapes. 

You block out the sounds.

And concentrate on controlling the shapes instead.

At that moment, you see how black mixes so easily with darkness.

Everything starts to move like it had a pulse.

It's a very comforting rhythm.


You pay attention to your breathing.

And wonder if you could pause life at this moment.