Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Short Story #7 - The New Bhayanak Maut Album - Feb 02

Sunneith wrote the 7th Short Story last night.

It's called 'Gag'


She nibbles on the insides of his thighs and he places his hands on her shoulders. Slowly she brings in tongue and slides it up the fold between his scrotum and thigh. His penis is quivering and throbs with his heart. He can hear both in his ears. “I am going to fuck her so hard, she’ll forget which side is up.”, he thinks.

She is done playing. Their eyes meet. His red. Hers wide. She bats her eye lashes and in the moment that she does, launches onto his penis – mouth first.

Her mouth is wet and warm. The insides of her cheeks touch the sides of his cock. Her tongue is running slobbery circles around the head of his cock and every time it reaches the underside, he jerks. She puts both her hands around his thigh. Her body is crouched, and wrapped around his right leg. She is dripping wet. He can feel her on his shin. She envelopes his hard cock with her mouth and pushes, taking him in – inch by dry inch, slowly getting wet. Their eyes never leave each other. He has to rest his hands on the wall before him to keep from falling. His legs begin to shake.

Her lips kiss the flat base of his crotch. The head of his penis kisses the back of her throat. He is completely inside her. She gags, he can hear it. He can feel its vibration around his cock. It makes him feel - in control. It brings out in him - something primal. Something new. And in that moment that she gags, he grabs her by the hair at the back of her head - he thrusts forward. In that moment that she gags, he wants to choke her. He wants to hear her writhe. He wants her to twist and shudder. He wants to make her hack and moan till she can breathe no more. In that moment, he wants her dead. Every word is a safe word when you’re gagging. His penis jerks twice and he is seconds away from exploding in her mouth. He wants to see the white in her eyes as she dies, and then he will come into her throat.

He feels her nails claw into his lower back.

She bites down.

“Almost cricked my neck ripping this one out.” she thinks.

She spits.