Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The Average teen poem

My life is so dark,
So cold, so stark.
My lve is a cold door knob,
When will ur warm hnds reach out?
When, oh when, Bob?
Dark shadws consume the light,
Oh, how i wish i cud fight.
This deep drkness of night,
I just wnt to write.

Mnsters of the past do nt let me sleep
I will sit on my sofa n weep.

I do not trst my luvd ones with my hope
It is like riding my cycle down a slope,
Life is very unfair, nd I cannot take it
It is like riding that cycle, and g8ing a ticket.

I am so angry, I hate myself, I really do
I hate myself and want to die, like that singer of U2.