Monday, December 20, 2010


Yes. Vinay, Aditya, Venky and Rahul saw them thrice. I and Vinit saw them twice. Opening for them in Bangalore, and then getting off the stage to watch them was just surreal for me. I am still reeling from this weekend. I don't think watching a live act will ever be the same. In my books, these guys are the most important and most inspirational metal band out there.

The "tour" ends this weekend. It's been a grueling month. Red-eye flights, 4 hour sleep cycles, and overall grumpiness. But we've given our all on stage. Nail, teeth, and fist. Every fucking time.

We're playing with Demonic Resurrection, Devoid, and Bloodshed, this weekend. RockFort 26th December Bandra Amphitheater.