Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I wasn't too fond of this band. Many years ago, I must have been 19; i purchased a ripped copy of Ozzfest '97. And one of the many bands that played that show was this Sludge/Doom metal band called Neurosis. The concert featured one song per band, and I didn't like Neurosis' bit (Locust Star). I was young and strung up on nu metal. But that video had a profound impact on me. It was magnanimous, it was scary, it was intimidating. I hated it.

Two months ago, me and Vinay we hanging at his place, and were about to start writing lyrics to 'Chakna for Church'. "Let's watch a video before we begin.", said Vinay. He goes onto Youtube, does a search, and BAM! Locust star @ Ozzfest '97. I was caught in the wake of a fucking 500 foot wave. It was magnanimous, it was scary, it was intimidating. It was Neurosis. I haven't looked back since that day, and i am a complete convert. Thank you, Vinay.

Yesterday, i was killing time at work. Looking through some random band wiki pages. I went onto the Neurosis page, then onto the Scott Kelly (Neurosis vocalist) page. From there, again the water reference, the flow took me to Scott Kelly's old blog. Everything that i thought i knew about writing, music, touring, and life, changed.

This guy writes from the very depths of his dark heart. The posts are brash, graphic, and very very captivating. The man doesn't even do a copy check; yet the stuff that he has written has touched me so much.

If inspiration had claws and a terminal illness, it would be called Scott Michael motherfucking Kelly.