Thursday, February 24, 2011

Al 2

Dear World,

I do not like your confines. Neither do I like your rules. Especially the lettering kind. I hate your people. I have only come to be fond of a few of them.

I hate that I am getting old. What I hate even more is the fact that in my head, I think I never will. I acknowledge the fact that you know about the things I have done. Things that would have put me away for a long time. I hate the fact that you know nothing of the few things I have done out of sheer purple goodness from that little, murky corner in my heart.

Is there even such a thing? Why associate a pumping device designed with muscle and fiber, with the enzyme-driven functioning of the brain? I am talking about the heart, you stupid piece of shit. I despise you for pretending to understand me.

If you were a singular entity, I would be one with you. Then I would take from you everything you told and taught me in confidence. Take from you everything you strap on your sleeve and in your mind. Because that is what one does, yes? Like good old Maynard puts it? Have you heard the chorus of 'Prison sex'? No? Of course you haven't. So yes. I will take from you. I will take from you till there is no more. And then I will rest on the soft pillow of your absence.

Whatever name you gave me