Thursday, February 17, 2011


I went to this tapri near the workplace for chai and cigarettes. As I walked towards the termite infested bench, a middle-aged, disheveled gentleman made eye contact, nodded, waved, and smiled. I've never seen the man before. I am not 18 and perennially pissed off anymore, so i smiled back. It was a close-lipped, smirk-smile, I promise you. I went ahead to sit down, when I noticed that he looked in a bad way, in all possible manners of semblance. The man then walked up to me.

"Aap kay paas extra cigarette hain kya?"
"Nahi, sir. Sorry."
"Ok, thank you."

I finished my chai, smoked my cigarette, and left. The half empty cigarette pack felt heavy in my left pocket.