Sunday, February 13, 2011

A lot

A lot has been said and speculated over the past week about what most of you already know. Before anything, this is not an official statement from the band. So, yeah. What happened, happened. The situation was obviously very close to the band, and I would be lying if I said it didn't affect us. But I know for a fact that we have made our bones; and what doesn't kill you, makes you think of cliched proverbs.

But fuck that. I am awfully proud of the fact that everyone is bouncing off the ropes with renewed grit and drive. I haven't seen this kind of determination in a long fucking time, and it is scary as much as it is infectious.

Otherwise, I have been making more smiley-faces than I ever have or should. Especially over the last few days. It is a happy place. I fucking love happy places. But there are those times when I really want to do something stupid. To grab that happy moment by the neck, and tell that motherfucker, "Look, asshole. I haven't said hello to you in a while; so please, stick the fuck around."