Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello, Assholes
So I've been away for a while. I lost someone really close to me last month. Been trying to distract myself with a whole lot of other shit.

The boys took a small break. Everyone's been either working, getting drunk, high, or killing clowns. I have been doing all four. Plus Lemur pedicures. What? Fuck you, pedicures are manly if you give them to a raving rabid beast.

We rehearse sometime this weekend. Cannot wait to get into the jam room. The Doctor and Baba have been working on this bastard of a new song, hopefully we can play it for you guys soon. Everything else is going great. Me and Vinay, both have surprise projects running on the sidelines. More on that later.

You guys be good, now. Remember, when in doubt - Missionary.


EDIT - Oh, and you guys should totally check out Vinay's paintings. That shit is dark. And awesome.