Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yeah, so i though i'll write a little something that's a little short of personal, about what it is for me to be part of the band. Considering the place i am at the moment, emotionally, this is cathartic in a way. I don't really like sharing my personal life with anyone except for a few good friends and the band. I don't want to be best friends with everyone; but it's just that i want to bring this out when i think i am feeling it. Yeah.

Every person in the band holds a special standing for me sentimentally. I've known, and shared the stage with Aditya for almost 7 years now. There's something that's very strong and resilient about him. I don't know any guitar player that can match his skillset and his taste for music. When it comes to a creative call, i CANNOT trust anyone more than him. Vinay is a rock. You can stand by the man, knowing that shit is going to be done right. And i can't even begin to say how much of an inspiration he is to me as a vocalist; and more so as a Boss, a professional, a Son, a Friend, a band mate, a human being. Rahul, when around is an aura of joyful reassurance. If i am to think about all the happy, fun, ridiculous, times in the band, Ragul comes to mind. When he is around, there's not a minute of boredom. Or silence for that matter :-).

So yeah.