Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New paintings. I is excite!

Spent a small fortune on canvas boards this past weekend.

1. An A3 size board for a friend's office cubicle. Think I'll create a spider + spider web + fireflies. Will use permanent markers.

2. 10 1' x 1' 'square' boards. Will continue with the coloured shapes that I used for Kamal's paintings and Sunneith's painting.

3. 9 1' x .75' 'rectangle' boards. Will use these to create shapes that are inspired by the new lyrical material that I'm working with.

I have uploaded pictures of the 4 pieces I created for my good friends Kamal & Andrea and the one piece I created for Sunneith.

I will also share the new pieces as soon as they are complete.

A haiku - a reaction :

People like the art.
It makes them laugh. Even smile.
I feel so calm now.