Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lyrics 2

For those into writing. Just wanted to bring in something about how we, I atleast like writing lyrics. With Amidst the chaos, there was little thought behind the song lyrics, concept if you may; but most of it was coming up with words to fit the meter.

I write like most of you do. I do not like putting in long words, or trying to sound intelligent. I don't write the most "deep" lyrics in the world. I cannot. It's just there - the way it is. Sans spellcheck. For the first draft atleast.I don't like to think too much.

Vinay, is Vinay. I CANNOT write like the man. NO ONE can. Even when i wasn't a part of the band, i'd be in awe of the stuff he wrote. Lines as simple as

I accept what i am

Oh, how quiet everything can be when it's me against your word

Stitches will rip if i crawl outside

AND my favorite
We meet in a room of emptiness
Another chance that i possessed
I gave into my invented fears
A wretched lie of love and tears

Read those lines again. They simple, yet they hit you like a fucking size 12 steel boot to the chest. Fuck.

I take two ways into writing for a song.

A. I lay the song before me and come up with lines to fit the meter.
This is the easiest and fastest way out. But then the words don't mean much. Emotionally speaking.

B. I write the words, without thinking about the song / riff, and then place the words in.
This takes a shit load of time. But it makes me happy by the end of it; knowing that what i've written means something to me.

It's like-

Y.M.I (Amidst the Chaos)
Taking the consequences the little-known hunger
Thrust through amenities of a lost freedom
Resurrected through the torture - a shadow unknown
Sink in to justify - Justify.
Prosthetic healing
Fingers are still inspite of agony
deflated lungs pursue with aggaravation
splinters in nails dig deeper delegating you


Dear [Name] (Bhayanak Maut)

Get a grip on yourself / Let go!
These letters preserved will be your end
Another page is folded
The ink it fades, but the line it holds
Why won't it read, what I want to put before your eyes
Why won't these thoughts take form? Why won't these thoughts take…?

I can bet my left nut that you got nothing from the words to Y.M.I. That's exactly what i mean. Y.M.I, i wrote about Grendizer getting tortured. I lay the song and put the words where they fit.

Dear name, i wrote parts for before i put the song ahead. Then Vinay came in with his parts and we added and removed bits, wrote it together to make it what it is today.

I am just saying it is much more fun to write first and put them in a meter later.