Monday, February 8, 2010

French fried

Hey Clement, apologies for this delay in replying to your questions. I'm Vinay, one of the vocalists and here are my answers:

1. Hey gentlemen, nice to meet you. First of all, could you introduce your band and its members to our readers? And... how we poor French should pronounce "Bhayanak Maut"?
Vinit has done an awesome job on introducing the band members. Thank you Vinit. I shall think about buying you a beer. In the meantime, make do with my compliment. Now I would like to introduce the band's members to you. They are : Cock, Lund, Penis, Choo-choo, Wee-wee and Pee-pee. They send you their best.

2. "Bhayanak Maut" means "Terrible Death" in hindi, what does it exactly mean for you? (I read it is inspired by a Ramsay Brothers' movie, but since I didn't see any, I don't get the point)
Shouldn't you ask this question after you see a Ramsay Brothers' movie? Now, now, don't be lazy. Go ahead and watch "Bhayanak Maut" by the Ramsay Brothers. I wish I could find the poster for the movie; you'd love it. If you can't watch the movie, no sweat, watch "Gunda" instead.

Here's the link :

Try and enjoy the film without subtitles. We did.

3. How would you describe your sound?
I would describe it as a taste : Yummy, like chunky peanut butter.

4. What bands/artists influenced you and made you want to tear down the walls with your shock wave sounds?
Mithun Chakraborty is God. Mimoh Chakraborty is a mistake.

5. It's not that usual in metal to use dual singers, what about this choice?
We couldn't find three singers. So we used two. The dual vocal attack is, by the way, called "the guttural twins".

6. What could you tell us about your album released on August of this year?
It released itself quite smoothly.

7. The album has received a 4 star rating in the last September Rolling Stone Magazine, right? How did you feel about such recognition?
It felt exactly like the happiness you feel when your band's album gets a 4 star rating in Rolling Stone magazine.

8. And what could you tell about "Hell is all People" and "Malignant", your previous recordings?
Don't remember those albums. Scarred memories.

9. I discovered your band with "Malignant" EP back in 2006. Your sound was quite aggressive and violent, and I was like "Woah, Indian people can freakin' make it! Why don't they come in Europe?". Since there's a lot of big Metal fests all over the continent, do you have any plan to play gigs out there?
Read this sentence very very carefully: 1 Euro = Rs. 65
You live on an expensive continent my friend. We live in a poor country. We're currently happy playing to poor metal heads. You rich Europeans should come to India to listen to us. Will fit in your "I'm taking a year-long sabbatical to backpack across the world" budgets. Really.

10. How is your audience in India when you play gigs? Is there only regular fans or is the community increasing?
They're well-groomed and well-dressed. They're fashion conscious and have clean teeth and are also lice-free. This makes concerts a thoroughly enjoyable experience for us.

11. Misanthropy and violence are relatively persistant topics in your lyrics. Is it something personal and concerning Indian culture, or just coming from Metal common anger themes?
I write the lyrics. They're about girls, flowers, underwear and body fluids. If you read anything else in those lyrics, then I suggest you see a shrink.

12. The Metal "boom" is getting bigger these years in India, a lot of bands uprising from the subcontinent. What's your opinion about this fad?
The "boom" is getting bigger cause the sound engineers at concerts in India have discovered the volume knob on their sound consoles. If that's a fad then i hope it lasts at least a couple of years.

13. To finish, India is mainly known in Europe for Bollywood movies, dances and spices. What are your opinions about these stereotypes? What would you like to make known about India?

India smells wonderful. We have clean toilets and government authorized cannabis sellers. We're polite to westerners and would love to make bastard children with the women. Come to India. Come watch Bhayanak Maut.

14. Thanks a lot for your time guys. What are your final words for people going to buy your CD?
Tujha Aicha Gho.