Friday, February 5, 2010

Jack daniels. Oh, and the awards too

So we went for the JD rock awards at HRC last night and MAN was it a party. Yes it was. A PAGE3 party. Inappropriately dressed members of the rock fraternity mingling with the who's goo of the Bombay Page3 socialite randwagon - botox whores and viagra geezers. But also present there were barely legal girls and an open bar. That pretty much killed it for us bways.

Uday Benegal is the MAN, That dude from emperor minge made a big place for himself and his wig in everyone's hearts, i got really drunk and Shahzahn Padamsee got really hot. That's about it.

Oh, and our friend and electrician, Anupam Roy of fudgepacker fame won best producer and Bhayanak Maut won the Critics choice award for Album of the year.