Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guwahati 2

So we played the most awesome show ever. The crowd broke the barricades and swamped the stage. But we also went through a 9 hour flight ordeal. Some quotes from the trip.

The Ragul - "I have good news and bad news. But they're both the same. Another joint is being rolled."
Vinit - "If i ever invite you guys to join my fanpage, just kill me."
PomPom of Death metal fame " I want the Princess delight."
Random guy at the gig - "I WANT BOILED FILATURE UNWOUNDED!!!"
Gig Compere right after i give her the cigarette that she asked for " Is this drugs or smoke?"
Pompom of Dandruff fame to airhostess after half a step into the flight "Can i have a glass of water?"

Not one hot woman in Guwahati. Not one.